VAT Registration

Shukar is offering you VAT registration services in the Emirates that will let you get TRN for your commercial activities there. TRN stands for Tax Registration Number. It is compulsory to get in the condition of AED 375,000 turnover per annum. It was considered essential from Jan 1, 2018. To get it, you can visit the online site of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and there you can conveniently go through the details of it. But for guidance about VAT registration, you must visit Shukar due to its humble team ready to deliver you top-notch services.

Do you have more annual turnover than mentioned above? Then, it is mandatory for you to get into the process and ensure this certification or registration for you after verifying your documents. You need to fill everything right. Otherwise, it becomes tricky to avail yourself of it on the required dates as expected. There are some formalities in VAT registration that will be discussed below. And don’t forget to contact the best of the best team of Shukar and get enticing services from them!

Significance of VAT Registration 

There are some of the important causes due to which you must register for VAT as they are showing clear signs of it:

  • You can get more chances to expand your business with this dignified certification
  • It will enhance the importance of your business profile and let it get more credibility
  • It will prevent a lot of financial penalties which is another benefit of VAT registration
  • In specific circumstances, if you want to get the funds back that you submitted for VAT, then you can do it conveniently after meeting the criteria of all formalities

After going through its significance, there are some more crucial details regarding VAT registration that you must know. You need to log in first to the portal to fill this form online and get it as soon as possible. There are some of the necessary documents that you need while filling in the right details.

Documents for UAE VAT Registration

Following are essential documents that you must require for VAT registration in UAE and you cannot get this registration done without them:

  • Your trade license’s copy is essentially required for this purpose
  • Additionally, a passport copy of your business owner and partners significantly
  • Emirates ID copy
  • The company’s MOA should not be neglected too
  • Contact details of a company are also crucial in this matter
  • It should be clear that what is the nature of the business and how it is operated?
  • 12 months’ income statement (It is because the entire financial record is necessary for a year to evaluate the business position)

Shukar offers you detailed dealing being the #1 player in Dubai business setup consultancy. For VAT registration in Dubai, we offer you VAT filing services, compliance, record-wise management, and much more. You just need to contact us once and then it is our prior responsibility to pave the way for you regarding the best VAT registration services in Dubai.

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