new born baby visa in dubai

How to Sponsor New Born Baby Visa in Dubai

You have to apply for a Dubai residence visa for a newborn baby within 120 days of his/her birth if you don’t you have to pay an AED100 fine everyday till you didn’t apply. And this process is the same as it is for a family visa.

There may be a number of instances where parents want to take their newborn baby with them on a visa but are unable to find out how this will work. This post highlights the steps of how you can get your New Born Baby Visa in Dubai by SHUKAR.

Step 1: Request a formal agreement from your sponsor company in Dubai once you receive an admission letter or an invitation from your company’s Human Resources Department permitting you to bring up your newborn baby along with you. Once this formal request has been sent, the employer will submit paperwork and facilitate every process for obtaining New Born Baby Visa for the baby together with mother or father.

Step 2: Approval for New Born Baby Visa must be obtained prior to any processing through Immigration UAE Sheikh Zayed Road Branch before issuance

What Parents need to for New Born Baby in Dubai

One of the happiest moments in life comes with the birth of a child. The next few months are taken up by the process of preparing their residence in Dubai. Parents will start with filling out forms for visas and buying all necessary baby-care items for traveling. In Dubai Parents must apply for a provisional unlawful presence waiver birth registration before their new born baby is 31 days old which will allow them to obtain their new born baby visa in Dubai much faster.

About New Born Baby Visa in Dubai

A new born baby is an innocent angel for Family Book. If the countries having any emergency with government mandate, the fresh air of Dubai can call their parents back from worrying about their firstborn. As an original land of happiness, Dubai offers to its travelers many policies to enjoy festivals and new year in most beautiful fairyland worldwide!

Dubai Immigration has started on November 15th 2018 an impressive project called New Born Baby Visa in Dubai. This makes it possible for children aged between two and eleven months to apply for visa only three days after shooting their tourist visas up to six months. They will get between three days and six months long tourist visas, which shall be issued when children have undergone all necessary medical check-ups at authorized centers in accordance with the general procedures of the UAE Ministry of Health.

SHUKAR’s role to get you New Born Baby Visa in Dubai

Getting a baby visa requires many steps. This is why SHUKAR holds a portfolio of visas and certifications from different consulates that assure the quickest and most hassle-free process. This will be your primary source that can assist you with getting certified copies of birth certificates abroad, co-sign spouse’s current passport, authorization letter for Bahrain IDC employee, photocopy of lease agreement, copy of Emirates ID card and more. We offer the best package when it comes to baby visa in Dubai services.

Our Promises to serve you the best

SHUKAR keeps its promise of helping you reunite your family with a world of supportive services and facilities of Family Visa. A couple has every right to register their new born baby visa in Dubai when in good health and must do so in cases such as adoption or surrogacy. We will help you with everything from acquiring a new born child’s visa evidence to processes necessary for getting him/her through the customs.

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