Tasheel Services in Dubai

Tasheel Services in Dubai (MOL)

There are some conditions and if you fulfill them, then you are eligible to apply for a Ministry of labor in Dubai, UAE permit. Ensuring you detailed application-process spectrum is guaranteed by Shukar & it is mainly dealt with in Tasheel. Tasheel is dealt with under the semi-government sector and Shukar is a one-stop-shop for their provision of them.

Ministry of Labor In Dubai – Tasheel Services by SHUKAR

Tasheel is a guidance process for laborers by the MOL (Ministry of Labor)  supporting their queries and procedural activities. It is backed by the government and Shukar supports you fully in it. Hence you can trust us if you have any queries regarding Tasheel. You can Search for Tasheel near me to make it work for you.

New Person Creation

If you are a new one and looking for a work permit, then avail yourself of this service by Shukar and get it done rightly with no extra proceedings.

Modify Person Creation

Changing your work permit conditions seems to be tricky. But Shukar is here to assist you flawlessly.

E-Signature Card

There is a new structure defined by MOL for electronic id cards including the personal info of the holder on the MOL website. We can provide you with our services in it too.

Open Establishment File

Registering data in Ministry is a hard thing to tackle. Shukar offers you smooth service for this purpose by ensuring your accurate signature and info details.

New Company Payment (Instant Licence)

Do you want a quick license for making payments via a new company? Contact us today and get your work done with no further delay.

Updating Establishment File

Establishment info is essential to update yearly. Our expert tasheel services include guideline and procedural accomplishment in it also.

Applying New Quotas

It is not easy to get your work permit & visa. But when you come to Shukar, we ensure you the most splendid services with no fuss at all!

New Job Offer Application

Are you applying for a new job? Let us help you to write an appropriate application by fulfilling the criteria of all the requirements.

Transfer Job Offer Application

If your application is registered with MOL, then you can think about the transfer of it also. The expert advisors at Shukar are there 24/7 to guide you about it.

Part-Time Pre-Approval for Work Permit

For your part-time job, if you need pre-approval for the allowance of working there, then don’t worry and consult with us.

Relative Pre-Approval for Work Permit

It is about the sponsorship of ladies by their relatives (husband/father). You can apply for it instantly by consulting our legal experts.

Golden Pre-Approval for Work Permit

This category is for talented folks who can work internationally to take part in the betterment of advancement and tech aspects.

Pre-Approval for Electronic Work Permit Application

After receiving an employment offer, here comes the step of entry permit issuance. For its pre-approval, you can connect with Shukar and get a concise guideline about your needs.

Pre-Approval for Work Permit Payment Fees

Our professional advisors can guide you in this niche doubtlessly by clearing your hurdles in the entire procedure.

Part-Time Pre-Approval for Work Permit Payment Fees

Shukar is supporting your dreams by ensuring the provision of optimized guidelines. Our trustworthy and well-organized services have high-end credibility.

New & Renew Electronic Work Permit

There are two sorts of work permit visa applications, whether you are new to applying for it or you need the renewal of it. You can trust Shukar for both.

Labour Cancelation in MOL

Some docs are required crucially in this case for Labour Work. And we can guide you about it by ensuring successful completion of it according to the rules of MOL.

Electronic Work Permit Cancelation Application

It is all about canceling work permits electronically. After getting proper guidance from our experts, it will not be a big deal for you anymore.

Labour Complaint Request

It can be accomplished by considering the rules and regulations of MOL. And we support you in Your Work.

Withdraw Absconding Request

For this purpose, you can visit us or book your consultation with us online. We’ll go into the details of the settlement. Otherwise, the expert advisors at Shukar will give you optimal solutions.

Update Immigration File

There are some requirements including company code, card#, etc. After entering the right details, you can go for update it. Worry not as Shukar is there for you around the clock.

Refund of Bank Guarantee

Claiming a money-back guarantee is a matter of noticing micro details also. The experts at Shukar can deal with such technicalities and guide you rightly.

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