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Municipality refers to a city/town having its local government. Hence, the diverse population in Dubai is governed by Dubai Municipality. Different factors are into consideration when it comes to describing the government body of DM. Below is the discussion of the duties that Dubai Municipality fulfills to facilitate the citizens magnificently.

Introduction to Dubai Municipality

There is a wide range of services that are dedicatedly performed by Dubai Municipality to ensure peace and prosperity in the city. Urban planning is an integral element to govern all matters effectively. These plans require out-of-the-box and innovative strategies to develop the city in a better way than ever before.

Supervising construction projects, ensuring environmental protection, utilizing resources effectively, and conserving all public or heritage places, are the prime duties of a municipal officer in Dubai. Dubai Municipality initiated its working in 50s from a small office comprised of 3 professionals at that time. Then, gradually it grew and still growing with adept and intelligent municipal officers.

You cannot neglect the importance of Dubai Municipality if you are planning to get settled in Dubai. Shukar is here to guide you all about it and its roles in the city. Today, DM has over 15,000 employees working in 32 units to prosper Dubai incredibly faster. A comfortable living dream is on the way to being fulfilled sooner. Because of its high-end strategic approaches, Dubai Municipality has made its way to winning public service awards and many other credits also.

What is Dubai Municipality Approval?

Shukar is a gateway to establishing your business in Dubai and UAE. But to initiate the processing and documentation, you need to understand DM approval essentially to excel. The team at Shukar is verified and certified to ensure smart and modern approaches to get DM’s approval for office space, restaurants, etc. Before starting a business, you need a place for sure.

Hence, here comes the role of DM approval. If you’ll get the approval, then you can chase your dreams successfully. But it’s not that easy. You need to devise smart engineering-based methodologies and solutions to craft solid reasons that how your business can impact Dubai’s economy! Here Shukar’s role cannot be neglected due to our experienced advisors’ services.

Office Approval

You need a lot of flawless documentation before starting your plans in Dubai that are needed to submit to DM for final approval. Then, you can start work. But the most crucial aspect that Dubai Municipality checks keenly is the office location. They are eager to know the aim and reason for the business establishment there. Don’t worry Shukar is here to guide you in all of this!

Restaurant Approval

It is such a challenging task to get DM approval for a restaurant. Again, you can consult Shukar for availing yourself of the top-tier DM services. Restaurants should have an appropriate plan of development with hygiene care also. Its ventilation, water connectivity, pest control mechanisms, and everything should be on point. If your idea clicks DM Dubai, then no one can stop you from opening your restaurant in Dubai!

DM Approval Building & Construction-Related Services

There is a detailed depiction of services down below that are regarding DM’s approval/consent for building and construction:

  • Approval of complete Demolition or Delisting of Historic Areas Buildings
  • Existing Building Estimation and Evaluation in accordance to Dubai Universal Design Code (Wosool)
  • Permit for Self-Decor
  • Completion and Services Connection
  • Structural Inspection
  • Permit for Sand Transfer
  • Permit for Boundary Wall or Fence
  • Building Completion Certificate Approval with Dispute
  • Permit for building Modifications/Additions Permit
  • No Objection Certificate for Infrastructure Projects
  • Public and Private Swimming Pool Drawings Approval
  • Structural License Requirement for Roof and/or Pole Advertisement
  • No Objection Certificate or NOC for the purpose of Well Drilling
  • Night Work shift Permit in Under Construction Projects
  • Resolution of Technical Disputes by Municipality
  • Permit of Sand Supply by DM Dubai
  • Approved Engineering Drawings Copy
  • Temporary Electricity Supply for different Construction Sites
  • Design and Permit Service Blocks in Private Villas
  • No Objection Letter to Add New Meter or to Increase Electricity Current according to space
  • Gate Level of a Building Entrance
  • Painting and Maintenance permit
  • Extension in the Validity of Approved Drawings
  • Renewal of a Construction Site License
  • New Building Permit
  • Preliminary approval for a new building, Additions, or Adjustment
  • Site Preparation and Excavation Permit
  • Test Samples of Construction Materials
  • Permit of Historical Areas Building Maintenance by Dubai Municipality
  • Apply for approval to Design a Building in Historical Areas
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