Tenancy Contract (Ejari)

A Tenancy Contract (Ejari) is an agreement between a property owner and a tenant. It clears everything that a landlord and a tenant have agreed to about the tenancy. Both parties need to sign that Tenancy Contract (Ejari). It is a strong agreement to work before.

Tenancy Contract (Ejari) must be in text form, and the property owner needs to provide the tenant with duplicate before the tenancy begins. Therefore, if there is no written agreement, there will be any problem in the further processes while checking about statements. You can save yourself from most issues when you use the written Tenancy Contract (Ejari).

Tenants have to read the tenancy settlement cautiously earlier than they sign it. This includes all the phrases and situations. If there is something they do not recognize, they have to be looking for advice earlier than they sign.

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