Tax Residency Certificate (TRC)

UAE’s economic revolution is urging entrepreneurs around the globe to get established there. And many of the folks consider this option as the best one for them and avail themselves of this opportunity. Are you looking for some assistance with the entire procedure for this? Perfect, you can check out the services offered to you by Shukar and they merely are based on this purpose. One of these services is VAT and it is the main service. Then TRC is a subcategory of VAT and it stands for Tax Residency Certificate.

Double Taxation Agreement

There is an establishment of a double taxation agreement that is a guaranteed document for not charging a tax payment twice in 2 countries as it is not legal. Most of the time, companies that have been established in UAE don’t pay income tax under special circumstances. To get into the details of it, there is a TDC that is required essentially and it is an abbreviation of Tax Domicile Certificate.


Do you know that Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) is the second name of TDC? It is issued to a company that tackles its operability in UAE for the appropriate establishment of tax residency. After meeting the criteria of various conditions, you can get this document for your safety and credibility in the future. There are different requirements that you require essentially to get TRC. But some of them are illustrated below with high-end briefing.

Requirements of TRC

The first and foremost requirement in TRC is a valid UAE trade license that must be certified. Then, there must be a Memorandum of the company’s Association. Moreover, a commerce certificate is also necessary. With tenancy certification, a valid passport & UAE resident visa copy is also required. An audited financial statement cannot be neglected too. Additionally, there are some other documents that you need crucially. Shukar can guide you about all of them in detail.

Procedural Accomplishment for TRC & Timeline

You need to sign up for an account where you can get into the details for further submissions. Furthermore, you need to access the dashboard and then you need to select the option to ensure certification procedure accomplishment. After completing the entire procedure, you need to enter submit. Then, there is a timeframe in which you will get your certificate if you have appropriately entered the right details. Shukar is there for your assistance in this regard also.

After verification of your docs, there is a predefined timeline that is needed to complete the process. For the preapproval process, you need to wait for 4 to 5 days maximum. It is the time required to verify and confirm the authentication of the docs. 5 days are required to issue certification procedural activity. Then, there comes the validity of the certificate which is for 1 year.

Our professional law advisors have rolled their sleeves up to give you 100% guaranteed visa success by assisting you throughout the process. Shukar has adept experts who will deal with your queries and let you clear the entire thing diligently. Get ready to achieve your dreams regarding setting up business in the Emirates by getting the help of our highly skilled folks!

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